How We Make

Our Inspiration 
We get eternally inspired by God's best creation - the woman
The multi faceted woman of today, who stands tall in every situation, exhibiting the exuberance of youth and charm of seniority with equivalent panache, is what amazes, us and Also inspires us to dedicate every piece to her presence in our life.
We raise a toast to her charm, beauty, strength and never ending smile.


We put a piece of our heart into each and every piece created by us. We would like to introduce our world to you, our craftsmanship to you.
The beauty of every end product is a result of this tedious and dedicated process. After all we want nothing short of the best in everything.

We begin with a CAD.
CAD is a computer aided design, simply put a layout on the computer,to see the first look of the masterpiece to be made.
CAM computer aided wax manufacturing of the design. Once the CAM is approved, we proceed to this step. Wax designs further bring us closer ,to the look of the piece. 
Casting This is where the allure joins the bandwagon. We cast that design using our metal in use, ( silver here) into a mould. This actually needs a lot of craftsmanship to get it right. 
Setting When the mould is ready, we proceed to its setting with all the articulation. By the time we reach this step, we ourselves get hooked to see the final result. 
We play with a variety of high quality stones , enamels etc to get the settings absolutely unique.
Finishing No piece can skip this step. We ensure we give you the piece absolutely finished. We leave no stone unturned
to accentuate the final impact. No rough edges are left out whatsoever. 
Quality control Our motto is to give you value for money. So every piece is exposed to intense quality control checks to keep our clients' hearts filled with Joy ,when they adorn our collection.